RTR Ethos - In their own words

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RTR Ethos

In their own words, Cohorts 2-4 have expressed their vision of RTR.

Cohort 4 – The RTR Ethos

Teamwork maximizes our collective impact as we inspire, challenge, and support our students to achieve their potential and as we sustain each other in our efforts to achieve ours.

Expectations drive our belief in our students achieving their greatest goals as well as our responsibility for their growth.

Advocacy characterizes the way we interact between those in our academic environment and those in the greater Richmond community. If necessary, we vow to be a voice for our students when they cannot speak for themselves.

Commitment to ourselves, to each other, and to our students to be lifelong learners and participants in the community ensures that our work advances the broader good for all children.

Humility requires that we recognize our own limitations and continually learn from the perspectives and experiences of others in order to progress our practice within the field of education.

Empowerment through educational equity and excellence is our goal as bold leaders operating with a strong sense of possibility.

Reflection on best teaching practices is essential to improving ourselves as transformational educators.


Cohort 3 – The RTR Ethos

We respect those that have come before us and value their wisdom, but reserve the right to chart our own course by determining what works best for our students and our community. We recognize that, like our students, we are constantly learning and developing into better citizens.”

We pledge to hold ourselves to the highest standards of our profession. We will lead by example and become role models to our students, among our peers in the educational community, and in the city of Richmond.”

“We have the responsibility to become efficient teachers to better facilitate the learning of each and every student.” 

We will work with our students to open opportunities for their empowerment and foster the skills necessary to advocate for themselves and their community.”

“We will be courageous in the classroom and in the community. We will tackle the greatest trials and will not shy from making difficult decisions. We will persevere in the face of all challenges.”

“Our social consciousness will guide us through our everyday interactions to create a welcoming environment for all students in our classroom.”

“We recognize the inherent and immense value of the lives of each of our students and endeavor to know and understand them though compassion and humility.”

Our actions should inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

“We recognize that we will not meet the above on our own and intend to find guidance through the Richmond Teacher Residency program, Richmond Public Schools, Virginia Commonwealth University faculty, and the greater Richmond Community.”


Cohort 2 – The RTR Ethos

“We accept the responsibilities of leading a city from within a classroom.”
Public education is a basic right of every U.S. citizen.  However, successful education requires deeper and more meaningful knowledge than simply understanding subject matter.  This is especially true in an urban community such as Richmond.  The aim of the Richmond Teacher Residency program is to train educators who teach to the whole student.  We accept the responsibilities of leading a city from within a classroom.

“We commit to social justice.”
In our years of service we will remain dedicated to our students, this city, our colleagues, quality education, and the pursuit of social justice.  We commit to our students by ensuring that we undergo the best preparation possible.  We commit to the city by immersing ourselves fully in the Richmond community.  We commit to our colleagues by building a strong support network and fostering collective excellence among our peers.  We commit to education by keeping up with the most current research and ideas to develop innovative teaching techniques to meet and exceed the demands of Richmond Public Schools.  We commit to social justice by advocating for the best interests of our students and communities.  We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence.

“We have a responsibility to every student.”
We will face challenges, but we will overcome them by utilizing the tools obtained through our built-in support network of our mentor teachers and colleagues, the previous resident cohort and the collaboration of the Center for Teacher Leadership, Richmond Public Schools, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  The Richmond Teacher Residency Program provides us with rigorous preparation geared specifically toward the Richmond Public Schools.  We have a responsibility to every student, and fulfilling that responsibility is our number one priority.

“We will face challenges, but we will overcome!”