Richmond Teacher Residency Team

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Our Team

Dr. Terry Dozier, RTR Director –

Dr. Darlene Currie, RPS Liaison –

Dr. Celie Batalo, RTR Teaching Faculty Specialist  Р

Ms. Evelyn Waddell, Special Education Track Residency Coordinator –

Dr. Serra De Arment, Special Education Track Curriculum Director –

Ms. Tami Sober, Secondary Track Curriculum Director –

Ms. Jan Tusing, Secondary Track Residency Coordinator –

Ms. Raynell Reid, Special Projects Manager –

Ms. Laura Domalik, LSEE Track Curriculum Director –

Ms. Stacey Branch, LSEE Track Residency Coordinator –

Dr. Lisa Abrams, Research Coordinator –

Ms. Ann D. Cherry, Director of Recruitment & Student Affairs –

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