RTRPetersburg - Application Process

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The Application Process

Step One – Send RTRPeteresburg All Unofficial Transcripts

Step Two – Apply to RTRPetersburg  (apply through this link or in link in tab to the right)

  • Apply to the RTRPetersburg by the program deadline for priority consideration for a spot at our selection days.
  • Give your application thought and care; be reflective in responding to application questions.
  • Complete the Haberman Star Teacher Inventory through your application.  Note that your test scores will not be available contrary to the message at the end of the test. This inventory is being used to track data trends.
  • Register and/or secure score reports for all required tests.
  • Follow-up with your references. All recommendations must be submitted before the date of the onsite selection process. 

Step Three – Apply to VCU Graduate School Application (by March 28th)

  • Apply to the VCU Graduate School
  • You are applying for admission for Summer 2018.
  • Your RTRPetersburg application will serve as the basic rubric of your VCU Graduate School Application.
  • Be sure to save your login information.
  • Upload an unofficial transcript of all college work and request that official transcripts be sent directly to VCU Graduate School. RTRPetersburg can operate with an unofficial copy as long as VCU receives your official copies.
  • Send VCU Official Copies of all college work.
  • Ignore the opportunity to write a brief statement about your intention for graduate study – just indicate you are a RTRPetersburg candidate and your RTRPetersburg app will be sent over from the program for consideration
  • Apply for the Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree in the School of Education specifying LSEE.
  • For References: List your reference providers and check “No” to the question: “Will this provider be submitting the letter of recommendation online?” Checking no will ensure that your references are not sent an automated request to provide a letter of reference for you since you already have these on file with RTRPetersburg.
  • Request that your GRE or MAT scores be sent directly to the VCU Graduate School (the institutional code is 5570) and forward an unofficial score report to RTRPetersburg at RTRPetersburg@vcu.edu.  As long as VCU receives the official score report, RTRPetersburg can receive an unofficial copy.

Step Four – Last Day to Test is May 18th

  • Continue to register/and or submit score reports to RTR and VCU.  March 30th is the last day to test for Cohort 8.
  • RTRPetersburg needs official score reports for the SAT/ACT ONLY and unofficial of all other testing as long as official copies of all other score reports are sent to VCU School of Education and or Graduate School.  This includes the Praxis Core/Math, the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA), GRE or MAT, and the Praxis Subject Tests (formerly Praxis II).

Step Six – RTRPetersburg Selection Day

  • All top candidates will be invited to a one day selection event held at Petersburg City Public Schools.
  • Invited candidates MUST ATTEND selection to be considered in this admissions cycle unless there are compelling reasons (virtual interview candidates are the exception).
  • Your on-site interview will include these elements:
  1. Teaching a 5-minute prepared mini-lesson to a class of Richmond Public School (RPS) students
  2. Providing a writing sample
  3. Participation in a group discussion
  4. Completing a personal interview
  5. Mingling with the leadership of PCPS, VCU faculty, and RTRPetersburg Leadership.

Final Step — Invitation to become an RTRPetersburg Resident

  • Sign the Service Agreement before a Notary and return to RTRPetersburg and bring to first day of RTRPetersburg program in May
  • Request that a final college transcript (if graduating in May 2018) be sent to  VCU Graduate School
  • Start the program May 21, 2018

To apply for the program, click here:  RTRPetersburg