Testing Ins and Outs

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Testing Ins and Outs


  • The GRE will remind you of the SAT with a mathematical section, and the MAT will remind you of your 11th Grade English class with a string of vocabulary analogies.  Choose the admissions test that favors your strong suit.  So, if math is second nature to you, than consider taking the GRE; but, if you are more of a word geek, than consider the MAT.
  • The GRE is only offered a limited number of times during the year.
  • The MAT is offered continuously at most testing centers.  Just google for your closest options.

Where to send GRE or MAT scores?

  • Request that your GRE or MAT score report directly to the VCU Graduate School at the address noted below. Send unofficial score reports to RTR.

Praxis Core/Math or satisfied with ACT or SAT?

  • Qualifying scores on your ACT or SAT will satisfy the Praxis Core.  So, double check and save yourself one testing experience.
  • SAT and ACT threshold scores are listed at “Ways to satisfy your Praxis Core/Math” in a tab to the right under this section of Application Process.
  • Send documentation of your SAT or ACT score report to RTR at our email address.  If you send it to VCU it will not be linked to your RTR application.

Praxis Subject Tests:

  • ETS offers monthly testing windows for the Praxis Core/Math and for MOST  Praxis Subject Tests.  Earth and Space Science and Physics Praxis Subject Tests  are only offered in September, November, January, March and April Make sure to plan ahead.
  • Expect that ETS might take scheduled test windows offline without advance notice – typically March.  Inform the program if this occurs.
  • ETS requires that you register 21 days in advance of your test date – and as a bonus you will avoid late fees with some planning ahead.
  • Request that official copies be sent to directly to VCU School of Education and send an electronic copy to RTR.

What is the wait time to re-take a Praxis text?

  • 21 days
  • The official word is this: “You can take the Praxis once every 21 days, not including your initial test date. Even if you canceled your test scores on the first test, you still have to wait the 21 days.”

VCLA (both reading and writing):

  • Can be taken at the same time or at different times.  The highest aggregate score will be used to meet this requirement.
  • Request that official score reports be sent to the Virginia Department of Education and VCU School of Education.
  • Send unofficial score reports electronically to RTR.

Saving Score Reports:

  • Order the maximum number of free score reports and save a copy to your hard drive and a hard copy for your files.
  • Expect to be asked to provide score report documentation at several times during your career.

Testing Expectations:

  • Schedule your tests now — it might take a time or two to reach threshold scores.
  • Study. Study. Study.
  • All testing must be taken and passed on or by June 30, 2019.

Score Reports

For GRE and MAT:

VCU Graduate School
408 W Franklin Street,PO Box 843051, Richmond, VA 2328

For VCLA and Praxis Tests:

Select the Virginia Department of Education and VCU School of Education electronically when you sign-up for each test.

For all tests:

Ann D. Cherry

Director of Recruitment & Student Affairs
Richmond Teacher Residency
3600 W. Broad Street, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23230