App Process

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Application Process

Welcome to Cohort 9 and to our expanded RTR program where we are serving high need schools in four communities -- Richmond, Petersburg, Chesterfield and Henrico. We are in the process of updating our program in light of this expansion. A new website is in the works which will feature a new logo and colors. We will update right here when our work is completed.

What you need to know:
**Our spring deadline is Wednesday, March 20th at close of business,
**Our site visitation day where you can visit partner school districts is Thursday, April 11th (this is optional)
**Our spring selection day is Friday, April 12th

Questions? Ask on. You can contact Ann Cherry at Below you will find the steps for expressing your interest in RTR.

Step One – Send RTR All Unofficial Transcripts

  • Send unofficial transcripts of all college work to
  • Wait to apply until you know which track options are open to you.

Step Two – Apply to RTR (look for Job ID 130: Cohort 9 – Resident Position)

  • Apply to the RTR program. The apply button is on every page of the website.
  • Look for Job ID 130: Cohort 9 – Resident Position. Select which school districts you are willing to serve.  You will notice that not every track option is available in each school district.  Here is the breakdown:

Richmond:  All track options

Chesterfield:  Special Education Only

Henrico:  Special Education Only

Petersburg:  Elementary and STEM Secondary Only

  • Select which track you are applying for – Elementary, Secondary or Special Education.
  • If you are completing your application on a device or smart phone, install a spell check app to make sure you have not missed a typo.
  • Respond to your reflective questions mindful of your track choice.
  • Invest the time in this part of the process so that you feel you are known, that your passion for this program is clear, and you are satisfied that this application represents your best self.

Step Three – Test, Test, Test !!!

  • There is a $500 testing reimbursement for all residents.  This is provided in your first stipend award in the summer.
  • Register for your required tests.
  • Request that test results be sent to you, Virginia DOE and VCU.
  • Links to tests can be found under the Application Process in a tab to the right.
  • Study, Study, Study.
  • Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to pass a test, so look out for the study groups we are sponsoring, and plan ahead to take your tests.  You want extra room to re-take it if need be.  Study Group info will be posted here when available.
  • You have until April 1 to submit your testing results if you are offered a resident position in the fall and until May 21st if you are offered a resideny position in the spring.
  • Only those resident candidates who submit passing scores on all testing will matriculate in the program.  No exceptions.
  • RTR will need copies of all of your score reports. If you send official score reports to VCU, then RTR can receive unofficial score reports.

Step Four – References

  • Select professors, supervisors, and the like as your references.
  • Once you enter your reference’s email info, they will be sent a survey form to complete.
  • This survey form is all that we need.
  • Sometimes, our reference survey’s find their way into the JUNK folder rather than the inbox.  So, track your reference completion by checking your application and following-up with your references as needed.
  • All survey forms are needed by the date of the selection day.

Step Five – Apply to VCU Graduate School

  • Apply to VCU in the fall only after you have been offered a resident position and in the spring at the time you apply for RTR.
  • Click here to apply to VCU Graduate School
  • Select that you are applying for admission for Summer 2019.
  • Be sure to save your login information.
  • Upload an unofficial transcript of all college work and request that official transcripts be sent directly to VCU Graduate School. RTR can operate with an unofficial copy as long as VCU receives your official copies.
  • Send VCU Official Copies of all college work, and your GRE or MAT score reports.
  • For Elementary M.T. Only and Secondary Track Candidates:  Apply for the Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree in the School of Education specifying your particular content area (elementary education or your content area –math, biology, etc.).
  • For Elementary Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Candidates:  Apply for Teaching, English Education (you will be converted to Elementary Education this fall)
  • For Special Education Track Candidates:  Apply for the Master of Education (M. Ed.) degree in Special Education – General, in the School of Education.

Step Six –  Complete the Scholarship Application (optional)

Step Seven – District Site Visitation Day

  • On April 11th each district will over a site visitation day for you to come and learn more about the district and what it would be like to serve as a teacher of record in their system.
  • This is optional but encouraged so that you have a full understanding of each district option for your track.

Step Eight – Attend Selection Day

  • All top candidates will be invited to a one day selection.
  • Please RSVP that you can or cannot attend.
  • Only those candidates who attend selection will be considered for a residency position unless there are compelling reasons (for example, virtual interview candidates, or an emergency arises). If you are prevented from attending, it is important to contact Ann Cherry right away at
  • Your on-site interview will include these elements:
  1. Teaching a 5-minute prepared mini-lesson before students
  2. Providing 2 writing samples (one from a computer and one handwritten)
  3. Completing a personal interview
  4. Mingling with residents

Final Step — You’re invited to be a Resident!

  • You will be sent an invitation to join RTR by email.
  • Your Service Agreement will be emailed to you in May.  Please have it notarized before bringing it to the first day of RTR.
  • Request that a final college transcript (if graduating in May 2019) be sent to VCU Graduate School
  • Start the program May 21, 2019