About RTR

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The idea is simple

Attract the top content-area experts in the nation and equip them with the knowledge, skills and experience to be effective in high-needs, hard to staff classrooms.

RTR is different

RTR is an intensive, school-based teacher preparation program that integrates a research-supported approach for effective teaching with real-world classroom experience.  Residents are paired with a veteran teacher for a year long placement.  We call this person, a Clinical Resident Coach (CRC). Our residents are also VCU students earning a graduate degree in either education or teaching.  At the end of the day, our residents graduate with a master’s degree, a teacher’s license, and a full year’s experience in the classroom.

Our residents then make an additional three-year commitment to teaching in a high-needs, hard to staff school.

We provide a stipend for the residency year and successful residents are given priority hiring status by district partners for full-time teaching positions. To date, RTR has a 100% placement rate.

We don’t write off students

RTR is an intensive preparation process for an intensive career.   The hours are long. The work is unrelenting.  The reward must be earned. But, if you’re serious about equity education — about changing lives, about changing communities, about changing the outcome for every student — then RTR is where you most want to be.

We invest in them.

At Risk Students.  They demand the best. They challenge the best. They deserve the best.
Teach for Change.