Welcome to Richmond Teacher Residency

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Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR), located in Richmond, Virginia, is a highly selective urban graduate teacher residency program that equips individuals of all ages to make an immediate impact on classrooms in Richmond Public Schools. Our mission? To cultivate a pipeline of extraordinary teachers who take seriously the job of leveling the playing field and closing the achievement gap for Richmond students.

We offer four program tracks -- (1) our Special/Exceptional Education or SE Track prepares residents to teach urban special education at the elementary, middle and high school levels; (2) our Middle School STEM Track prepares residents to teach urban middle school math or science; and (3) our Secondary Track prepares residents to teach content areas such as biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, math, English and social studies at the urban middle and high school levels and (4) our newly developed Elementary School Track for VCU LSEE students only prepares residents to teach urban K-5.

We strongly encourage AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and other national service alumni to apply.

See where your passion takes you . . .

Urban schools. They demand the best. They challenge the best. They deserve the best. Teach for Change.